Quote1 They're lost children who banded together to form one single creature, greater than the sum of its parts. A dragon with five hundred eyes to see with, five hundred hands to kill you. Quote2
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The origin of the Leviathan is unknown. When first encountered, it appeared to be a mob of children. However, the truth is clear to anyone who has survived an encounter with the Leviathan - the mob has some kind of hive-mentality, which allows them to act as a single unit.

Its first encounter with the heroes and villains of Planet Earth was when Klarion, the Witch-Boy encountered the beast in the caverns beneath New York, on his way to the surface. It killed every adult it encountered, but allowed the Witch-Boy, a child, to pass unmolested, even offering him a place in its ranks.

When next encountered, the Leviathan was an integral part of an organization which shared its name and which seemed to be feeding the beast to use it as its first wave of assault. Using training camps across the developing world, children were indoctrinated into the beast, then shipped around the world by unwitting human traffickers.


  • The children who make up Leviathan will use any weapon that comes to hand, especially if it has a bladed edge. Scissors and knives are especially preferred, but firearms of several types have also been recorded.
  • The extent to which Leviathan controls the children who make it up is unknown. When first encountered, one member was lucid and aware of itself as a single unit of the whole.
  • The limits of age that Leviathan's members must abide by is unknown. Adults are clearly not allowed, while one notably bloodthirsty member was recorded as being a mere 18 months old.



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