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Quote1 Good morning, London. This is the Voice of Fate. Quote2
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Lewis Prothero was the commander of the Larkhill Resettlement Camp and later becoming The Voice of Fate, the government radio broadcaster who daily transmits "information" to the public. Prothero was kidnapped by the terrorist V, whom was the former prisoner of Larkhill. Prothero was taken to a mock recreation of the Larkhill Resettlement Camp in which he was driven insane after by a combination of an overdose of Batch 5 drugs and the shock of seeing his prized doll collection incinerated before his eyes. Prothero was later founded in a perpetual catatonic state by The Finger.


  • Charisma: Lewis Prothero is known for his charisma, and the tenor of his rich voice, which made him an ideal choice to represent the Voice of Fate. Mouth agent Roger Dascombe once described Prothero's voice as "sensitive".

In the 2006 movie adaptation of V for Vendetta, Lewis Prothero was portrayed by Roger Allam.



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