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Quote1 Who's more important to Superman than I am?! But do you see even one tribute to Lex Luthor? No! Quote2
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Lex Luthor was a genius who used his intellect to become a supervillain, being considered the arch-nemesis of Superman.

When the people of Metropolis built the Superman Museum, Lex became envious of their admiration of the Man of Steel and plotted to ruin its grand opening. He used his Mechanical Monsters to scare away the citizens and then turned his enemy into a toddler. The Flash, an ally of Kal-El, used his superpowers to return him to his normal age. In response, Lex then aged him seventy years. Superman decided to talk out the situation instead of fighting and Lex revealed he didn't understand why he never received the admiration Kal-El did. Superman took him inside an showed him that the people considered him the city's greatest supervillain. Remorseful, Lex deaged the elder Superman and was taken to jail.[1]

Weird Science

During an annual meeting of W.O.R.M.S., a coalition of mad scientists, Luthor reported his colleagues to the Super Friends in order to steal their inventions once they were caught. Unfortunately for Lex, his arch-nemesis saw this and arrested him as well.[2]





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