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Quote1 I don't care what they say about me! I am not a racist! IT'S EVERYTHING ELSE I HATE ABOUT YOU! Quote2
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Lex Luthor was the enemy of Superman (Calvin Ellis).

A citizen of his Earth, Luthor's life presumably echoed that of his main counterpart. However, his Earth's version of Superman has an African-American appearance, and as a result people accused him of racism.

His activities are unknown. What is known is that five years after the creation of the Justice League, Lex Luthor was a "mad scientist" using robot warsuits to defend labs in abandoned buildings, while Superman was a key component in US President Calvin Ellis' plan to help fix the world.

As a result of a vision he had while on drugs, he built a bridge between universes, and when a monstrous version of Superman emerged from it, he helped his archnemesis defeat it before running from the Justice League.

He later joined the Totality, a secret alliance of heroes and villains dedicated to protecting Earth 23 from threats in the wider Omniverse. He also secretly made a deal with Darkseid, who promised to protect Earth 23 in exchange for Lex helping Machinehead develop large scale inter-dimensional travel. The two created the Carrier Arks, huge prison ships which could enter and cross through The Bleed. Lex eventually wavered and so Machinehead killed him by ripping out his heart. His body was discovered by Superman and the Batman of an alternate timeline.



  • This Lex Luthor appears less intelligent and less of a threat than the Lex Luthor of Earth 0.



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