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Lex Luthor was a scientist at Jorcorp and Jor-El's protege. He turned on the Els and attempted to engineer a situation in which he could be the hero.

Lex Luthor was born in Smallville, Kansas. From a young age he showed great scientific genius and a proportionate ego. He attracted the personal attention of Jor-El, who invited him to work at Jorcorp when he was ten years old. Lex eagerly accepted, but insisted on going to school one last time to brag and humiliate his science teacher.

Over the years Jor-El nurtured and mentored Lex, becoming closer to him than he was to his son Kal-El, who showed no interest in or aptitude for science. Lex eventually became Jor-El's right hand man and seemed to love and respect the Els; but in fact he grew to despise the Kryptonians, believing that Jor-El would always overshadow him and that working for Jor-El had robbed him of his chance for true greatness. Lex plotted to destroy the Els, and upgraded the family's AI B from a 12th Level Intelligence to 13th Level, while also programming B with his own personality engrams.

At Lex's birthday party, Jor-El revealed that one of the by-products of Lex's research into a cancer vaccine had turned out to be a cure for male pattern baldness. He marketed the product as "Lex Gel" and gave Lex 15% of the net profits, ensuring him financial security for life. Jor-El intended this to show appreciation, but Lex saw it as the worst slight, since despite all his work, he would be known to the world only as the inventor of a baldness cure.

Lex approached Jor-El's younger son Bru-El, who had been born with only half the power level of his parents and older brother. Lex honed in on the younger man's inferiority complex and bitterness and offered to give him an ability nobody else in his family had by making him immune to Green Kryptonite, but instead he turned Bru-El into a walking Kryptonite bomb and took control of his mind. He also shaved his head to show his rejection of Jor-El. Lex sent Bru-El to meet with the rest of his family to assassinate Jor-El, but Lara took the blast of Kryptonite radiation instead.

Lex programmed the Kryptonian matter-replicator technology making up El Tower to burrow down into the Earth and almost destroy the planet, so he could "avert" the disaster and get glory of his own. He broadcast the news that he was "saving" the world and Jor-El, Kal-El and the El's daughter Valora-El flew to the tower to confront him, but he had put a forcefield around the tower and the shard of matter tunneling into the Earth to stop them, so he alone would "save the world".

However, when Lex attempted to stop the process, B betrayed him and knocked him unconscious. Kal-El was able to convince B not to go through with his plan and Luthor was imprisoned.



  • Unlike most versions of the character, this Lex Luthor is bald by choice.



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