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Lex Luthor is the archenemy of Superman.

Superman Family Adventures

Lex Luthor created a device that could absorb the powers of Kryptonians. The device ended up taking the powers of Krypto into his warsuit, but due to his proximity, his pet mouse, Fuzzy, also took some of his powers. He also took in Krypto's canine traits. Luthor went to confront the Superman Family, being defeated and being apprehended by Fuzzy. Using his animal instincts to their advantage, they tricked him into getting depowered.[1]

He would later get out of prison and witnessed a fight between Negative Superman, Titano, and the Superman Family. The fight concluded when Titano lost the Red Kryptonite that powered him, which was promptly taken by Lex.[2]

Luthor applied to be an intern at the Daily Planet. Perry White initially rejected him, but Lex forged the paperwork so he could get the job. He sent him to get coffee, but instead of following Jimmy Olsen's advice, he bought him Fancy Coffee, annoying Perry. He then sent him on assignment while he was snooping in Lois Lane's computer, during which he asked for more coffee. Lex had to parachute to the Planet and got stuck on a flag pole. Despite Perry getting his coffee immediately upon his arrival, he complained that Lex supposedly took his time. Luthor then frustratedly quit.[3]

Astronaut Jack Corben returned to Earth sick. Luthor, disguised as a doctor, snuck into Corben's room and informed the captain that he was dying of Kryptonite poisoning. He manipulated him into blaming Superman and made a suit that not only saved, but allowed him to control the changes, creating the super-villain Metallo.[4]

Luthor, aware of Toyman's failure to defeat the Super Family and Tiny Titans, disguised himself as a prison guard. He broke into the jail and gave him a piece of Green Kryptonite to power his contractions, offering a partnership to take down the Kryptonians.[5]

Brainiac confronted Luthor to take possession of his Kryptonite collection. When Brainiac learned of his history with the Super Family, he kidnapped the mad scientist hoping to utilize his knowledge. During Brainiac's battle with the Super Family, he hacked his equipment. Wanting the glory of defeating Superman, he shrunk Brainiac and used his bug to teleport away.[6]

A clone Lex Luthor was taken in by the real Lex Luthor. In order to keep him safe, Lex traveled to the Pacific Ocean and used a crystal from the Fortress of Solitude and a customized Kryptonian tube to create his own Fortress of Solitude, one made out of Green Kryptonite.[7]





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