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Lexa Doig (b. June 8, 1973) portrayed Doctor Christina Lamell on the series Smallville and Talia al Ghul on Arrow.

She is married to actor Michael Shanks.

Pictured: Lexa Doig as Christina Lamell from the Smallville episode "Harvest"

Work History

Acting Credits

Smallville 2001-2011 Christina Lamell
     "Harvest" October 29, 2010 Doctor Christina Lamell
     "Scion" March 4, 2011 Doctor Christina Lamell[1]
Arrow 2012-2020 Talia al Ghul
     "Who Are You?" January 25, 2017 Talia al Ghul
     "Second Chances" February 1, 2017 Talia al Ghul
     "Bratva" February 8, 2017 Talia al Ghul
     "Checkmate" March 15, 2017 Talia al Ghul
     "Lian Yu" May 24, 2017 Talia al Ghul
     "The Demon" November 12, 2018 Talia al Ghul
     "Leap of Faith" October 29, 2019 Talia al Ghul
     "Fadeout" January 28, 2020 Talia al Ghul

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  1. Her scenes were deleted from the episode. However, she is credited in the episode and can briefly be seen at 15:24.