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The Leymen are a group of mystical heroes brought together by Maltis to protect the Earth from magical threats.[1]


After many of the mystical order were murdered by Extant, during the Zero Hour,[2] Maltis reformed the secret society as Primal Force. The order of the Leymen have defended the planet for well over 2,000 years and have battled threats such as Cataclysm, Satanus, and the cult called August. The team disbanded following a confrontation with Cataclysm in New York's Central Park, though its members stand ready. Jack O'Lantern (Liam McHugh) in particular remembers a prophecy that foretold he would one day lead the team.


  • Although they are not called this by name, this team and title update the Global Guardians concept of the 1970s.

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