Li San O'Rourke was the military daughter of an Irish man and a Chinese woman, who was raised in a war-torn Ireland. She became a soldier herself and joined the United Nations Paratroop Unit to take out the enemy that started the Five-Year War occupying an oil field in the Arabian Peninsula. During the assault where they were to take out the explosives, Li San lost a good deal of her troops when the enemy activated them, including her only friend Bertha Baker who was under her command. Embittered by the loss, Li San left the Army after the war and joined the Atari Institute as its executive director of security.

Posing as a saboteur, Li San crept her way into the Atari Institute headquarters at Northcal to test its security forces while she was en route to join the team that was selected for the mission at hand: to travel through various realities on board the experimental starship Scanner One, equipped with a Multiversal drive, to find a new home for Earth's residents. Though the rest of the team was surprised by her form of entrance, they were nevertheless impressed by her fighting skills. She was selected as the team's security and tactical officer. During their travels, Li San helped fight off the Zylons as well as the alien races that were under the control of the Dark Destroyer. She also helped counsel Martin Champion when he saw that Lydia Perez became frustrated that, before they found their new world, all the worlds that they have encountered to that point were inhospitable.

Sometime following the discovery of New Earth and the resettlement, Li San and Mohandas Singh fell in love with each other and married, giving birth to their daughter Erin Bia O'Rourke-Singh (Dart). She taught Erin how to defend herself, and had her admitted to the Atari Academy where she was trained as a cadet until an incident involving her cost the life of one of her fellow students. She had Erin and her friend Dalia sent off-world to a school that trained mercenaries, from which they became soldiers for hire in a war until Dalia was killed by a mercenary hired by the other faction from the same school. Li San also became the foster mother of Martin Champion and Lydia Perez's son Christopher Champion (Tempest), who felt ostracized by his father believing him to be the one that killed Lydia upon his birth. She continues to live on New Earth with her husband Mohandas past the end of the new Atari Force team adventures.




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