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Quote1.png Of course, when you're made of light, it's kinda tough to have a day that isn't bright... Quote2.png
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Mars-born[1] elite fashion model and actress Lia Nelson is a being of light and speed and became her Earth's Flash.


Lia Nelson is the second most recognized person on the planet, next to The Atom or Superman. She was a celebrity from the time of her birth, as her parents were the first astronauts to go on the Jupiter Mission. Her mother was somewhat of a minor hero herself and her father was an agent of Nightwing, though not very good at his job. After learning control of her power, she adapted the alias of the Flash. Though because of the circumstances of the attention she received when she was younger, Lia could never decide whether or not she was a celebrity or a hero. Despite that she later on joined the Secret Six.

Dimensional Travels

Lia successfully showed off her acting abilities to pretend to be a "damsel-in-distress" to manipulate Jay Garrick of Earth-2 to defend her at the cost of almost his own life during the recent interdimensional conflict instigated by the Monarch in his war against the Monitors.[2]

Lia survived the Arena battle by her successful manipulation of the Earth-2 Garrick, but was defeated by Johnny Quick of the Crime Society.[3] Fortunately for the actions of the Superman of Earth-31, Lia was able to successfully return to her source Earth after the Arena conflict and avoided becoming involved in the war across the multidimensions against both the Monarch and now very individual dimensional Monitors.[4]

Superman's Reign

Lia was engaged in trying to overthrow the control of Harvey Dent, the Superman native to her source Earth and managed to gain the aid of her and other superpowered counterparts from New Earth including Wally West to do so.[5] While believing they had later succeeded in saving the captured Atom, it was really Powergirl in disguise. In the resulting battle Lia was captured.[6] Luckily the Outsiders, comprised of Secret Six and Night Force members, and heroes from New Earth were able to rescue her and the other captured heroes. Once released, they were able to travel to New Earth, join defending forces there and defeat Superman.

The Authority

Lia Nelson as Lightray

In the aftermath of the "Metal Wars", Lia Nelson showed up on Prime Earth, active as a hero under the codename "Lightray" with the help of her friend, OMAC. While she tried to be present a hopeful public persona, the burden of performing for her millions of social media followers, as the world became meaner and more dangerous, left her vulnerable to attack by Eclipso, who tried to convince to commit suicide[7]. However, the arrival of Apollo and Enchantress, to recruit her for Superman's new Authority team, pulled her out of his thrall. Lia was convinced to join the team's mission to liberate Warworld... but what she didn't know was that Superman had sought her out in response to a portentious message he saw written on the Source Wall...[1]

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  • Light Being: Lia is made of light allowing her to control, manipulate and generate light, as well as access light energy directly.


  • Acting: Lia is also a well trained and successful actress which allows her to manipulate her attackers and skillfully employ in her superhuman conflicts for maximum effectiveness.
  • Telepathic Resistance : Being composed of pure light she was completely unaffected by Dr Psycho mental assault.



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