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Dr. Lia Tang was a scientist employed by Lionel Luthor.

Early Life

Lia Tang was a North Korean molecular biologist. In 1992, Dr. Tang managed to leave North Korea and moved to the United States, after having married a LuthorCorp security guard. The marriage had been arranged by Lionel Luthor, to obtain her services.[1]

Season Three

In 2003, Luthor sent Dr. Tang a mysterious blood sample. From it, Dr. Tang was able to create a serum that allowed for short-lived resurrections of the recently deceased.[1]

One of her test subjects was Adam Knight. Luthor instructed her to stop giving Knight the serum, which would have killed him. Dr. Tang secretly continued the treatment and kept Knight alive. However, after Luthor shut down the lab, robbing Knight of the serum supply, Knight killed Dr. Tang and broke out.[2]