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Liana Kerzner was an exotic dancer and girlfriend of Scandal Savage.

Liana first came into contact with the supervillain group known as the Secret Six when they hired her to cheer up their leader, Scandal, who was at the time utterly morose over the death of her lover Knockout. The gig was a disaster, largely because Scandal was heavily inebriated, but Liana thought Scandal was cute and her teammates had paid some very good money, and so she left that gig feeling pretty good.[1]

Some time later, Liana ran into Scandal at a grocery store and decided to ask her out. Scandal was initially uninterested, but decided to take her up on the offer because her teammate Deadshot was going out on a date and wanted a "wingman". The date was also a disaster, owing to the interference of the skinhead Zyklon B Brothers, but neither Scandal nor Liana felt that this necessarily meant that any relationship between them was doomed.


  • Dancing: Liana is a reasonably talented exotic dancer.

  • Liana is named for the real-life Liana Kerzner, a Canadian television entertainer and well-known cosplayer. Knockout is among the many costumes she has worn to conventions.