Lianna was a Maltusian, originally an enemy of Kyle Rayner who later joined the Omega Men.

Lianna was originally one of the Maltusian children born when Kyle Rayner relighted the Central Power Battery on Oa and restored the dead Guardians to life. When Kyle Rayner and Jade visited the planet Oa to encounter the Maltusian children, Kyle discovered to see that Lianna had developed the ability to use a small amount of her powers in her child-like state.

After going missing, Lianna obtained an adult Maltusian form and went to the planet Aroxe to establish order regardless of any convictions of morality and was opposed by Rayner and Jade in an attempt to stop her wanton destruction of the planet. After defeating the two Green Lanterns, the Guardian known as Ganthet arrived to stop her from demolishing what was left of Aroxe and took her back to Oa in order to teach her how to use her powers properly. Lianna eventually helped the other Guardians protect Oa from attacking Qwardians. Afterwards, she was shown attempting to kill Amon Sur to stop him from further assisting the Qwardians. In the process, she had turned on and attempted to kill Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, although her motivations remain unknown.

One Year Later

Lianna was later spirited away from Ganthet's manipulations by Mother Zed, one of the Zamarons, and Lianna has become a member of a holy order. It is revealed that the source of her transformation to a full-sized adult is a gem called a "Heartstone", a fragment of the power that created the universe itself. However, Lady Styx sought the Heartstone and others like it to remake the cosmos in her image and unleashed the warriors of the Spider Guild of Vega to retrieve them. As a result of the fight against the Spider Guild, Mother Zed was killed.[1] After the death of Mother Zed, Lianna joined forces with the Omega Men and eventually became a member of the team.


  • Maltusian Physiology: As a Maltusian, Lianna's body acts as a reservoir of cosmic energy, giving her access to the Guardians' ability to manipulate the power of the Glow and other energy manipulation abilities. She used her abilities to accelerate physical body into adulthood and has been stated to possess "all the power of an adult Guardian". Lianna has been shown to have strength, speed, and durability well beyond that of a human. Lianna was shown to have bonded with the Heartstone that triggered her transformation, thus giving her electromagnetic powers in addition to the abilities that Maltusians naturally possess.

  • In most appearances Lianna does not look like a Guardian or Zamaron. Instead she looks more like a female version of Krona.



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