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After the show, Tranquili-Teens folded, the stars formed a goth band called the Liberty Snots, a reference to the Liberty Squad.


In addition to the original stars, Sweet Sally, Ajita, M-T, and Silicon Stiletto, three teens joined the band, Mangacide, Arson, and Freeksho. Sweet Sally got Ajita pregnant. When she discovered her pregnancy, she went to Mr. Articulate for emotional support, and he offered to pay for an abortion when she explained she thought of it as her only option.

A crazed Colonel Cragg killed Mr. Articulate amid a crowd of fighting citizens, leaving the speedster, Ajita, as the sole witness. Unable to move due to the emotional implications of her intended actions, she could only watch as Mr. Articulate died. Wracked with grief, she went home and attempted to commit suicide. When Sweet Sally found out she was in the hospital, and carrying his child, he gathered the other Snots and they stormed the hospital. When Maximum Man suggested that Sheriff Lindo allow Sweet Sally to see his girlfriend, the fighting stopped, and Sweet Sally apologized to his unconscious girlfriend. He and the other snots departed.

At that moment, Lindo received news of Mayor Fury's attack on his wife, Suzy, and abduction of Collette Pearson. Ajita regained consciousness and told Sheriff Lindo that Mayor Fury wasn't the one who killed Mr. Articulate, that it had in fact been Cragg. The Snots and other maxi-powered members of the town confronted Fury and rescued Ms. Pearson.

When Gen13 arrived in Tranquility, Sweet Sally and Burnout got off on the wrong foot when Sally perceived that Burnout was hitting on Ajita. These tensions led the two groups of super-teens to fight, but they were interrupted by the Authoriteens. Sweet Sally insisted that the Snots abandon Gen13, but M-T broke rank and returned to help Freefall and her team. Gen13 managed to defeat the Authoriteens when Grunge absorbed the energy from the matter decomposer with which the Authoriteens intended to destroy Gen13 and disintegrated Kid Apollo.

M-T and Freefall did continue their romantic relationship, but it was interrupted by an invasion of the undead. The two teams joined forces to battle the hordes of zombies.

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