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When Darkseid learned of the Life Equation from the Martians, he theorized that there must also be an Anti-Life Equation.

Just as there is an Anti-Life Equation, there must also be a Life Equation; just as the anti-life equation is a mathematical proof that life is meaningless, the life equation is a mathematical proof that life is worth living.


Fourth World

When Darkseid learned of the Life Equation from the Martians, he theorized that there must also be an Anti-Life Equation.

Employed by Scott Free and Shilo Norman, it is sometimes understood as the will of all beings in existence.

New 52

In Prime Earth, the Life Equation is not only understood as a mathematical equation, but as the combination of the lights of the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum, especially the White Light of Life.[1] Together, they can subjugate life to follow the user in the creation of a new world order in favor of protection of life, rather than accepting the meaninglessness of it as with the Anti-Life Equation. However, it is still just as dangerous as the Anti-Life Equation.[2]

The Life Equation was excised from The Source by the White Lantern (Kyle Rayner) after his escape from it following the fight with Relic, combining with the White Light of life.[3] However, Highfather found this out, and, hoping to use the Life Equation as a weapon to defeat Darkseid once and for all, he set out to take it for himself using a scepter-like device constructed by the smith of the New Gods, Hyalt, but was without success when he obtained one of most of the other rings: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.[4] He only managed to obtain the true Life Equation after convincing Kyle Rayner to give up his White Lantern Ring of his own accord.[1] However, as it was Kyle who took the Life Equation, it was intrinsically tied to him, being the true source of his abilities since escaping the Source Wall. Therefore, he would die without it, but only he could truly use its potential. Highfather, realizing how far he had fallen and how similar to Darkseid he had become in his quest for power against his hated brother, relinquished his backdoor entry to the Life Equation, granting full access to it so that Kyle could defeat the Titans that had escaped from the Source Wall due to Black Hand's influence and been subsequently resurrected.[5]

The Formula

Based on the Anti-Life Equation, the mathematical formula reads: companionship + understanding + assurance + joy + altruism ÷ respect ÷ commendation ÷ sympathy ⋅ innocence ⋅ dignity ⋅ success ⋅ acceptance y=n where y=despair and n=caution, love=truth, death=rebirth, and self=light side [citation needed]

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