The Life Force is one of the seven hidden forces of reality that allows life to flourish.


The Life Force is one of the seven hidden forces of reality that allows life to flourish.[1]

Long ago, Poseidon was entrusted with this font of energy that would come to reside within his trident, the Trident of Poseidon. Later in his long life, he met the Atlantean king, Arion, and admired the king and his city. Telling him of this force, Arion sought to share it with the universe to bind them into a great union by creating the Clarion, a object imbued with a portion of the energy. When Arion contacted the Triumvirate of Sea Gods, a sect of gods who desire this power to help their struggling worlds, Poseidon grew jealous and feared they would take the power for themselves and convinced Arion that they were invaders. Poisoning his mind with lies, Arion would sought to right his wrong by creating the Tear of Extinction by using his magic and technology to invert the life energy. He used that inversion to cast away the sea gods to the Graveyard of Gods.[1]


Those touched by the Life Force, whether it be through an object or through the energy itself, retain a connection to all life and communicate in a telepathic manner. One of the most notable use of this force is its power to compel and control sea-life and life born from the sea, whom are especially affected by this force.[1]

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