Lightning was a synthetic lifeform created by the criminal scientist Whirlicane.

Lightning was in effect two personalities; the electrically powered Lightning could transform at will into the monstrous, super strong Thunder! Lightning, however, was unaware of his own true nature, believing that he had been a petty criminal who Whirlicane had rescued from a life of obscurity and given super powers. Whirlicane sent Lightning/Thunder to attack his former employers, S.T.A.R. Labs, but Superman stopped his rampage and tracked him back to Whirlicane's lab. There, he revealed to Lightning that he was actually no more than a sophisticated robot by exposing the circuitry in his arm. Unable to cope with this revelation, Lightning went berserk, unleashing his full power in one burst and destroying both himself and the lab, as well as apparently killing Whirlicane.




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