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The Lightning Knights are a group of speedsters from the Dark Multiverse allied with the Darkest Knight, who hunted the Flash Family in an attempt to steal the power that Wally West gained from the Mobius Chair.


The Lightning Knights were assembled during the Dark Knights' second invasion of Earth 0, gathering evil speedsters from all over the Dark Multiverse. According to the Flash Family, they were also connected to the Speed Force so they accelerated its burnout which was previously started by Perpetua's rampage through the Multiverse.

The Batman who Laughs, who had become an almighty God known as the Darkest Knight, ordered the Lightning Knights to chase the Flash Family that was running away in order to stop the Bat God from gaining possession of Wally West's Anti-Crisis Energy.

During their march, the Dark Flashes, as the Earth 0's speedsters defined them, almost managed to catch the Flash Family several times before Wally West used the Speed Force formula to slow down time and gain minutes to rest in the Flash Museum. There, Wally used part of his omnipotent powers to boost his fellow speedsters' abilities so they could escape the Museum, after rampaging through the evil speedsters' army, and reach the Mobius Chair.

Eventually, the other Flashes ran out of their speed and were left behind until there was only Wally to continue their race. After being almost drained of his speed by the Lightning Knights, Wally tapped one last time into his Anti-Crisis Energy to boost himself and escape the Dark Flashes's grasp.[1]


  • The Lightning Knights' march was heralded by the sound of war drums.[1]

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