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 The Lightning Lords were once the rulers of a strange, nameless alien world.


They created an advanced culture provided civilization with new standards of excellence. They invented a massive computer system known as the Keeper and maintained it within a tower inside of a massive citadel. The Keeper achieved sentience and assisted the Lords in governing society from within the tower.

One day, two alien races known as the Mygorg and the Yorg arrived on the planet. The Lightning Lords recognized them as a warlike culture and established a quick resistance against the invasion. Keeper advised his charges to postpone military action until they could learn more about the alien races. It suggested that the Lords should continue to maintain a false front of neutrality, and chose a sorceress named Lady Djinn to act as a faux queen, while the true nobles went into hiding.

None of the Lightning Lords knew the true power at Lady Djinn's disposal. She used her dark magic abilities against the Keeper system and turned its primary programmer into an addle-brained, mute. With Keeper at her command, Lady Djinn became the world's true ruler.

The Lightning Lords, now forced into exile, retreated into the surrounding valleys and eventually lost all connection with society. Over time, they evolved into a brutish, barbaric society. A former slave named Starfire discovered the savages, but was unaware of the fact that they were actually the descendants of the original Lightning Lords. By this time, the Mygorg had taken control of the planet, and held an uneasy truce with Lady Djinn. Starfire gathered the barbarians together, along with many other freed slaves and staged a revolt against Lady Djinn at the Citadel. The sentient Keeper system recognized that Lady Djinn was a threat to its existence and used its powers to electronically transform the sorceress into a computer. Keeper programmed himself to self-destruct destroying the Citadel along with Lady Djinn.

Though their former advanced culture was long behind them, the survivors of the Lightning Lords continued to eke out a new life for themselves, free of the tyranny of Lady Djinn and her alien allies.

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