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Lightray is a New God, a powerful soldier of New Genesis and a loyal subject of Highfather.


Lightray joined the rest of the Council of Eight when Highfather informed them of his recent discovery of the Life Equation's whereabouts. He was tasked with locating and retrieving a Violet Ring of the Emotional Spectrum in order to merge the seven lights of the rings to channel the White Light of Life. It failed, however, since the lights didn't needed to be merged into a single one, but the rings themselves into a single White Ring. Highfather then commanded the Council to eliminate all the Lantern Corps and look for the mysterious White Lantern, the one who who holds possession of the Life Equation.[1]

After Highfather successfully seized the Life Equation, Lightray and the rest of New Genesis was getting prepared for the invasion of Earth, but their plans were being tampered by a Yellow Lantern who modified the transportation device to summon reinforcements alongside the now-revived Source Titans. The forces of New Genesis fought to no avail, until Highfather returned the Life Equation to the White Lantern who managed to eliminate the Titans, but was unable to save the now ravaged city who was unable to remain in orbit.

Lightray and Orion tried to save as many as they could, but the city was ultimately saved from destruction by Lantern Jordan and the Blue Lantern alongside the rest of the Green Lantern Corps. Lightray and the rest of the Council were discharged from battle and the New Gods parted with good terms with the Lanterns, ending their war.[2]






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