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Lightweaver is a metahuman villain with the power to create solidified light constructs.

Shortly after the completion of Justice League International's inaugural mission, the Hall of Justice is bombed by Lightweaver, who is working for Roland Norcutt. The bombing wreaks havoc on the team, gravely injuring Vixen, Fire, Ice, and killing Rocket Red, Emerson Esposito and Andre Briggs.[1] After this, the Burners battle the Justice League International in Washington, D.C. in an effort to take the capital and kill the JLI, putting an end to international relations. However, they are eventually defeated, and the United States Army arrives to the scene. Their tanks fire upon Lightweaver while he is fighting Green Lantern, catching him off guard and wounding him. He then escapes into an alley where his brother, Malik finds him. He asks Malik to avenge him before passing away in his arms.[2]




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