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The Lil Gotham universe is a version of Gotham City where everything is smaller and cuter, including members of the Batman Family and their villains. It debuted in 2009 with two double-page stories written in that year's annuals by Derek Fridolfs and Dustin Nguyen.[1][2]




  • The Lil Gotham universe does not appear to be directly based on the contemporary timeline, as there are several characters who had never coexisted together at the time these comics were published. Specifically, Barbara Gordon is shown as Batgirl alongside Batwoman and Renee Montoya as the Question, which would be impossible as Gordon was paralyzed during the Killing Joke years before they debuted during 52.[2] "Annie" is a character that had previously only appeared in the DCAU.[1]


  • THEY ARE SO CUTE.[1][2]
  • The universe was referred to as "Lil Gotham" in its first printed appearances[1][2], but in later comics was stylized with an apostrophe ("Li'l Gotham").

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