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Sister Lilhy was a member of the Order of St. Dumas who defected.

Fallen Angel

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Due to the Order loosing track of Jean-Paul in Gotham, she and Brother Rollo held tournaments to decide who should be the next to take the mantel of Azrael. Soon after, she learned Jean-Paul lived and was heading towards the Ice Cathedral Wayfarer. She sent thugs to take him out as she wanted the tournament winner to replace him for her secret plan of killing Rollo but, due to Jean-Paul surviving all attacks and making it to the Ice Cathedral Wayfarer she then began to manipulate him into doing the deed. He fails so she, Jean-Paul, and Brian fled the Cathedral via boat in an underground passageway.

Azrael Rising

During this time, Lilhy became entangled with Jean-Paul, becoming part of his trio and continued to fight the Order. In addition, she blossomed as a love intrest for him until the split faction of the Order in Switzerland got destroyed because, even though Jean-Paul had deep romantic feelings for Lilhy he had failed to make a move. By then she had begun to secretly rebuild the Order and started dating Luc Lizardo which devastated Jean-Paul. However, Luc later turned on them and took her and Brian out to an island where he held them hostage and beat them until Azrael came to the rescue.

Agent of the Bat

Lilhy in Azrael Costume

Lilhy fathomed if she was purely evil or not so she visited the Joker in prison to compare herself to him. During the visit, she inhaled laughing gas and her skin turned white, and her hair green. In her mad state she then dawned a female version of the Azrael costume and headed to Ossaville where she gathered thugs and locked a granny in her house. The henchmen then set the place on fire to kill the grandma but the real Azrael appeared and defeated the grunts. Lilhy soon showed signs of remorse for her actions and helped Jean-Paul put out the fire and realized that she was not pure evil as her pigmentation returned to normal.

The Plot to Kill Azrael

She continued to rebuild the Order of St. Dumas in secret but was visited by Jean-Paul and Ridley in her newly acquired large house. Jean-Paul asked her if she could move the terrorist Ridley somewhere safe and she agreed if Azrael brought her a man with a metagene named Kenny. Jean-Paul later returned with the man and asked why she wanted him. Lilhy then revealed that the mans genetics were needed to make a new warrior for the Order.

Soon after last seeing Jean-Paul, he came back and told her that he was taking control of the Order and that she needed to fix him dinner. In addition, Azrael destroyed much of her expensive artwork and furniture which made Lilhy furious. To retaliate she cooked Jean-Paul dinner and put in enough poison to kill an entire regiment. However, Jean-Paul survived the meal due to being a hybrid so Lilhy fled from her home and hired one of Azrael's oldest enemies, Carleton LeHah, to kill him.

Lilhy later returned to her home where Jean-Paul was then taking residence and gave him a surprise attack with Biis. Biis was humiliated though as Jean-Paul easily defeated him and then Azrael turned to Lilhy temted to kill her by St. Dumas but ended up fighting his hallucination allowing her and Biis to escape. Once safe, Lilhy obtained bullets covered in a special plastic which could easily penetrate Azrael's armor and gave them too Carleton LeHah. The bullets she handed over were later used successfully by Biis to kill Jean-Paul.


  • In her first appearance her robes were red like all members of the Order. However, they were changed to purple, and she remains the only member of the Order of St. Dumas to dawn this color.