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Lilith Clay is Omen, a powerful telepath with the power of limited foresight. She was a member of the Teen Titans.


Originally living in peace at home, Lilith started to manifest strange mental powers at the age of 13. She read her parents' minds to find she was adopted, then left home to try to find her birth parents. After some trouble, she ended up working as a dancer at the Canary Cottage disco. During this time, she encountered Loren Jupiter, and began to aid him in his cause.

Soon, Lilith approached the Teen Titans and asked to join. She saw premonitions involving a political figure, who inevitably died, proving her power. She then became a member of the Teen Titans.

Eventually, she left the team and resettled on the West Coast, where she started a new branch of the Titans (known as Titans West). She briefly dated one of her team members, Don Hall (Dove), before the team disbanded.

During Trigon's siege on Azarath, Lilith played a key role in tracking down the former Titan Raven, who was at that time possessed by her evil demonic father. Eventually, Lilith made some type of psychic connection with Raven's mentor, the goddess Azar, and hosted the souls of her followers in a successful attempt to cleanse Raven of evil.

Lilith stayed on with the Titans briefly, during which time she accompanied the team on a trip to Donna Troy's home island of Themyscira. During this mission into the realms of Greek myth, Lilith finally learned her true parentage: her father was a normal human who had been seduced by Thia, the mythological Greek Titaness of the sun. The power-hungry Thia attempted to take over Olympus, but the young mortal Teen Titans helped defeat the Titans of Myth and returned home safely--all except Lilith, who elected to remain on Olympus, claiming her birthright as a demi-goddess.


After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Lilith was not heard from for a time; however, the mythological Titans (including Thia) showed as a benevolent pantheon and adoptive parents of Donna Troy. This rewritten history effectively negated Lilith's origin. Her only significant appearance at this time was a brief cameo in the War of the Gods, in which she received a premonition that her friend Donna was once again in trouble; this showed that she was indeed alive and well, and living on Earth as opposed to Olympus.

Years later, Lilith once again found her birth parents. Her mother's identity was never revealed, but it is known that she helped Lilith unlock untapped abilities. Her birth father turned out to be none other than the Teen Titans' old benefactor, Loren Jupiter. She took the name Omen, and became part of the Teen Titans team lead by a teenaged Atom and founded by Loren Jupiter; initially, the team did not realize that Omen was Lilith. She was captured by her half-brother Haze (Jarrod Jupiter), who used her powers to augment his own. Haze was defeated by the Teen Titans with the aid of four of the original Titans: Nightwing, Tempest, Flash (Wally West) and Arsenal. Her Teen Titans team eventually disbanded.

She aided the Titans in protecting former team-mate Cyborg's soul from the Justice League. Shortly after that, Lilith was abducted by Vandal Savage, who wanted her to divine a perfect team to take down the Titans. Savage forced Lilith to submit, but she purposely chose members who wouldn't work well as a team. She was rescued by the reformed Titans.

Lilith stood with her old friends when a mysterious corporation called Optitron approached the Titans and Young Justice with an offer to fund the two groups. Before they could discuss the offer, the teams were attacked by an android from the future called Indigo. The malfunctioning robot accidentally activated a Superman android believed to be long destroyed. The rampaging Superman android managed to both snap Lilith's neck and pierce Donna Troy's heart, killing both beloved Titans. This tragedy led team leader Nightwing to disband the two groups (though they would be reformed shortly thereafter as the Outsiders and the latest incarnation of the Teen Titans).

However, Lilith was resurrected by the newest Brother Blood as the latest in his doomed line of mother-figures.[3] Despite the request of Speedy, Kid Eternity did not allow her to stay among the living.[4]

A statue of Lilith is in the Memorial of the Titans Tower in San Francisco.

During the Blackest Night, Lilith was reanimated as a member of the Black Lantern Corps and attacked the Titans.[5] However, she and her fellow Black Lanterns were inadvertently destroyed by Dawn Granger, who bore the "white light of creation".[6]


  • Precognition: At the start of her career, Lilith was a mildly powerful precog, able to predict future events with limited degrees of accuracy.
  • Telepathy: Lilith's telepathic abilities developed later in life and evolved from her inherent precognitive powers.
  • Teleportation: Lilith had the ability to instantly teleport from one location to another through force of will. Visually, this ability produced a bizarre swirling affect around her physical person. Teleportation was not part of Lilith's original abilities, and the means by which she acquired this power is unknown.



  • Power Instability: Whenever Lilith used her telepathy on another person, she absorbed a portion of that individual's psyche. An imprint of those she encountered was left within her, slowly turning her into a psychic reflection of the individual. When others looked upon Lilith's face, they often saw one of these psychic reflections rather than her real face. This is what caused Lilith to begin obscuring her features when she took on the guise of Omen.[7]

  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.
  • On the rare occasions Lilith was forced into a physical altercation, she used basic Judo moves and nerve-strikes taught to her by Dick Grayson.
  • Lilith once developed the ability to project intense waves of heat. It is believed that this ability may have had some connection to Lilith's ties with the space angel Azrael.[8]



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