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Lillian Luthor was the mother of Lex Luthor.

By 1980, Lillian was married to Lionel Luthor and gave birth to her first son, Lex Luthor.[1] Her marriage to Lionel was an unhappy one, with Lionel having multiple affairs (which resulted in both a daughter and a son)[2][3] and him being involved in the secret Veritas Society (something that he kept secret from her).[4]

In 1992, she gave birth to Julian, despite not having wanted more children. Lillian began to show signs of mental instability. Convinced that her husband, who could be harsh towards Lex, would pit the two boys against each other, Lillian killed Julian to prevent it. However, her actions proved to have horrific consequences for Lex, who had taken the blame for Julian's death, to protect her. Lionel might have been harsh on Lex before, but this caused Lionel to hate him. Julian's death made it impossible for him to love his remaining son.[5] Lillian passed away a year later, leaving her LuthorCorp stock to Pamela Jenkins, the mother of Lionel's illegitimate daughter.[6]

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