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Lime and Light were twin sisters who had light-based powers, which they used to commit crimes.


Seeking fame, they took on the Green Arrow in Seattle, but he defeated them, and they were sent to Belle Reve prison.

Sometime later, Amanda Waller recruited Lime and Light into her Suicide Squad. The twins participated in a mission to find and capture an escaped Harley Quinn in Gotham City. After being surrounded by the GCPD, Lime decided to come clean about Task Force X, and give herself up. Rather than let Lime give up her organization, Waller activated the nanobomb in Lime's neck, causing the girl's head to explode. Light was forced to watch, but with her sister's death, the message was sent to her that she could not leave the Suicide Squad.


  • The sisters' names are an allusion to the term "limelight", meaning to be considered popular by the public.

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