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Lin Canar is a member of the Green Lantern Corps.


An oceanographer on his homeworld, specializing in underwater energy emissions, Lin Canar initially refused his selection as a Green Lantern, preferring to serve his people in his professional capacity. But when his replacement went about eradicating crime on Fluvian by the wholesale destruction of the class of citizens most likely to commit crimes, Lin Canar stepped in to stop him. Only after this did Lin Canar accept the job of Green Lantern.

Like all denizens of Fluvian, Lin Canar is a creature of vegetable and plant matter, and lives beneath the surface of the planet's massive oceans. As a member of his planet's Research Circle, Lin Canar possesses a scientist's and explorer's curiosity. He is meticulous and thoughtful, well-respected by his fellow Lanterns.

Lin Canar is a slender creature whose most notable features are glowing eyes that allow him to see at extreme depths, and the frond-like appendages that help him propel himself through strong currents. Despite his delicate appearance, Lin Canar is deceptively strong even without his ring, able to survive the pressures of the deep.





  • Lin Canar previously possessed superhuman strength and durability. These powers disappeared following his initial conflict with Dob Zagil.[citation needed]
  • His ring constructs reflect the environment from which he comes, tending toward the aquatic in design.


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