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Quote1.png Mebbe I was dumb to run away just when everything was so nice ― my feet feel like they have toothaches now! Quote2.png
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Little Linda was a wandering orphan.


Little Linda lived in an orphanage[1] before she was legally adopted by a wicked woman, who threw her off onto the street.[2] Since then, she started wandering around the country, lugging a suitcase and hiking hard.[3]


She witnessed Wilbur Stone abandoning his nephew Buddy for dead in order to inherit the family estate and Linda took Buddy in to try and find his family.[3] They briefly found shelter with a couple, Hank and Mary, but fled when they contacted the police, not wanting to be returned to the orphanage.[1] Trying to find Buddy's family, she confronted the police only to find that Wilbur, Buddy's only living family, had committed suicide.[4] Buddy was now rich, and he wanted to "adopt" Linda, but she ran away from him after her stepmother tried to steal his fortune through her.[2]


After outsmarting two bank robbers, Butch and Slim,[5] she was hailed as a hero in Hillsdale (initially called 'Hillsboro'), prompting the mayor to request that the miserly Silas Flint should adopt her. He agreed, and Linda took the last name Flint, becoming his heir. This caused some friction between her and Silas's nephew, Ned Flint.[6]

Now wealthy, Little Linda was kidnapped and held for ransom, but she managed to tear the tags off her clothes to leave as a clue to find her.[7] Ned was shot in the right shoulder while rescuing her, and taken to the hospital, where Linda stayed until he recovered.[8] Shortly after, he left for Washington to join the FBI.

When Linda's legal stepmother arrived at Flint's estate and demanded custody of Linda be returned to her in a ploy to steal Silas' fortune,[9] Silas took Linda on a trip to Mexico where they became wrapped up in a revolution plot, smuggling guns to Central America.[10] Ned arrested the captain, Tim Slade, and reprimanded Silas for trying to flee the country. Silas resolved to pay Linda's stepmother for custody. Believing herself to have caused nothing but problems, Linda ran away again, hitchhiking to a northern midwest state as Silas placed a reward for finding and returning Linda.[11]

Larsen Lumber Co.

Linda worked as a cook for Larsen Lumber Co. and during during her time in the north, she met two film stars; young Hollywood actress, Yvonne Darling, and Ted Reele.[12] Darling was there for on-location filming, but as she was notoriously difficult to work with, the film crew convinced Linda to act as her stunt-double.[13] However, a stunt went wrong and Linda was swept down-river towards a waterfall, along with Ted Reele. Lars Larsen, the owner of the lumberjack company, chopped a tree into the river for Reele and Linda to grab onto. The director, thrilled that it was all caught on camera, resolved to bring Linda back to Hollywood with the crew.[14]


  • Charisma
  • Cooking: Her cooking, especially her biscuits, earned her an instant acceptance among the lumberjacks.

  • This version of Little Linda, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.
  • "Flint" is Linda's last name after she was adopted by Silas Flint. Her original birth name has not been revealed.