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Linda Friitawa can exhale nerve toxins. She became an assistant to Scarecrow as Fright and later joined the second Black Mask.

Linda Friitawa achieved a medical licence, but lost because she was illegally experimenting on humans. Cut off, she tried to support herself through other means, but was pretty destitute until she was approached by Oswald Cobblepot, the crimelord known as the Penguin. She was to assist Jonathan Crane with creating a new toxin. Crane, "broke and desperate", according to Cobblepot, offered his services, and was supplied with shelter, a laboratory, equipment, supplies and a "highly qualified assistant" in exchange for a Fright Dust formula that would keep Cobblepot's underlings terrified of him. Due to her albinism, Friitawa slept all day and worked with Crane all night, helping him to perfect his "Fright Dust".

The appearance of a monster dubbed "The Scarebeast," which used Crane's Fear Gas and was targetting Cobblepot's organization, raised questions between the trio (Cobblepot, Crane, Friitawa). The Scarebeast successfully killed off many of Cobblepot's men. Friitawa assured Crane that she believed him when he told her he had nothing to do with the creature. The Scarebeast was stopped by Batman, who, along with Robin and Alfred, discovered it was, in fact, a mutated form of Scarecrow.

When Batman confronted Cobblepot, he worked out the truth: Cobblepot had hired Friitawa to turn Scarecrow into a monster, in exchange for which she could use his facilities to work around the negative effects of her albinism, giving herself powers in the process. Cobblepot was left to rebuild his organization without the interference of the dead captains, and Batman was forced to let them go, saying only that he would be watching. Friitawa, now calling herself Fright, departed, stating, "I've had to hide from direct light all my life. Tomorrow I will see my first sunrise. And do other things."

Fright worked for the Black Mask in a research capacity along with Doctor Death.




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