Early Life

Linda Lake was a reporter, who covered the 2005 meteor shower of Smallville. Her van crashed into a lake and Linda was mutated by meteor rock, gaining an ability to turn her body into water. Learning to control this ability, Linda exploited her ability to advance her career and landed a column at the Daily Planet.[1]

Season Four

Using her ability, Linda was able to expose a local baseball player as using drugs and gain information about the relationship between Lana Lang and Lex Luthor. After the column about the latter was published, Linda was approached by Luthor, impressed by her ability to gain information, wanting information on Clark Kent.[1]

Linda managed to uncover that Clark was an alien from another planet and planned to expose him. After her computer was destroyed by Chloe Sullivan, Linda attempted to kill her. However, when she chased Chloe into the street, Linda was run over by Lana Lang and turned into water.[1]

Season Eight

Linda survived, was captured by LuthorCorp and taken to Black Creek, where she spent the next two years. After Linda got out, she intended to restore her career, by blackmailing Clark Kent, who had become a vigilante under the alias "the Red-Blue Blur". Unless she could become his voice, Linda was going to expose his secret.[2]

Clark responded by telling his secret to Lois Lane and going public with his identity. Enraged, Linda began accusing Clark of having murdered Lex Luthor and being part of an alien invasion, turning the public against. Linda learned that Clark had a ring, capable of time travel. Linda attempted to steal it, seeing the chance of obtaining information about events, before they happened and reporting on them.[2]

However, Clark and Lois were able to stop her, with Clark travel back two days. In this new timeline, Linda was confronted and apprehended by Clark, before she had a chance to complete her article and blackmail him. Linda was taken to Metropolis General Hospital and placed in electrical restraints, to keep her solid. Knowing that Davis Bloome was Doomsday, she attempted to use this information to blackmail him into releasing her. Davis responded by taking a pillow and suffocating Linda.[2]






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