Linda Page was a wealthy socialite from Gotham City, for a time romantically involved with Bruce Wayne.

The daughter of Texas oil baron Tom Page, she turned her back on society and dedicated her time as a nurse for the elderly. She is a redhead, but occasionally dyes her hair blonde. Linda met Bruce Wayne through the social circles that she traveled in, and the two dated each other from time to time. Linda however, had no idea that Bruce Wayne was also the Batman. Linda first encountered the Batman when a gangster named Mike Grogan kidnapped her and forced her to render medical aid to his brother Tommy who had been shot during a robbery. Batman fought against the Grogan mob and freed Linda.[1]

Shortly after, Batman took an injured old man to Linda's place and she healing him as best as she could. However, this man was left with amnesia and Linda tagged along with Batman and Robin to take care of the ill man. While looking for clues, they were attacked by a gang and Linda had to defend herself and the old man from the criminals until Batman and Robin saved them. In the end, they learned that the old man was also a criminal and they delivered him to the police.[2]

Not long after this, Linda started dating Bruce Wayne, but she found herself more attracted to the mysterious vigilante Batman and would often reproach Bruce the fact that he wasn't like the Caped Crusader.[3][4] When her father's business was attacked, she tried to help him, but instead they both had to be saved by Batman.[5]

Because of her usual encounters with Batman, Linda was the target of a criminal named Granda, but she was never in real danger as Batman disguised himself as one of Granda's henchmen to prevent Linda from being hurt.[6] That year, Linda spent Christmas with Batman, Robin and Commissioner Gordon in Gordon's home.[7]

She was captured by criminals a few more times, but rescued by Batman, and uncovered the identity of one criminal, Mr. Baffle, which temporarily put her in a dangerous situation.[8]

A short time later, Linda dyed her hair blond and soon, her relation with Bruce almost collapsed when she learned from the newspapers that Bruce was engaged to a woman called Elva Barr.[9]

Linda and Bruce broke up a short time later. In 1955, Linda married. Bruce and his former ward Dick Grayson (secretly Robin) attended the wedding, which was interrupted by the Scarecrow. Batman, Robin and their ally Batwoman saved the wedding party and guests from the villain's fear toxin-induced hallucinations.[10]


  • Medical Science: Linda was a trained nurse and would often heal injured people to help Batman on his investigations.

  • This version of Linda Page, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.



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