Linda Park was a TV reporter with an eye on Flash.

She covered the opening of the Flash Museum in Central City, and her desire to be with the Flash was accidentally picked up by the news camera when she thought she was off the air. She tried to give him her phone number when she stood in line with the people seeking autographs from him, but the Flash mistook her for yet another autograph seeker and simply handed her phone number back to her with his signature signed. When she went to freshen herself before going back on camera, Linda opened up her compact and accidentally caused the Mirror Master, Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang to come emerging out of her compact's mirror. During the fight inside the museum with the three villains, Linda was sucked into the dimension of mirrors by one of Mirror Master's mirrors, and the Flash went in after her to rescue her, only to find himself facing millions of mirrors that could take him years to find the actual exit point. Fortunately, Batman fired a flare into one of the Mirror Master's mirrors, which helped Flash and Linda return to the real world in the Flash Museum.




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