Lindsay Harrison grew up in Evanston, Illinois and attended the local high school. Lindsay was a good student and well-liked by both teachers and friends. However, she got into trouble when she got arrested for shoplifting.[1]

In October 1989, Lindsay was visiting the town of Smallville, Kansas with her mother. When they were traveling home to Evanston, Smallville was hit by a massive meteor shower. Their car took a direct hit and Lindsay's mother was killed. However, Lindsay's body was never found.[1]

What happened to Lindsay is uncertain. Jonathan Kent speculated that Lindsay had been trapped in the Kawatche Caves (near where her mother's car was destroyed) and turned into a Kryptonian by Jor-El. However, this theory was never proven. In 2004, Clark Kent encountered a girl with Lindsay's face and fingerprints, who had Kryptonian-like powers and answered to the name "Kara".[1]

  • The interaction between Clark and Jor-El in the episode "Kara" indicate that Kara wasn't really Lindsay, but merely a duplicate.



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