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Lindy Morris is a Shakespearean scholar (and exhausted new mother) who dreamed of the nightmare Ruin and in the process she's delivered him unto the waking world.[1]

She is doing a PhD in English Literature and, in addition to having to manage to care for her baby daughter Anne Hathaway as a single mother, she also faces financial problems as her job as a teacher of the undergrads is barely enough to pay her rent.[2]

In The Dreaming, after switching places with Ruin, she ends up trapped in the dream created unconsciously by herself in a house inhabited by William Shakespeare and the various possible author identities behind the English playwright. Awakening in the waking world, Ruin realized that Morris was trapped in The Dreaming, and so he was forced to look after her baby while he went to seek help from the exiled angel Jophiel, as Ruin did not know how to return to The Dreaming in order to help Morris to wake up, otherwise she will go crazy and end up dying.[2]