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The Linear Men were a team of scientists based at the Vanishing Point who monitored and studied the timestream of the entire universe from its beginning to its end.


They were formed when Matthew Ryder and Rip Hunter were working on an experiment that knocked them out of the timestream.[citation needed]

One of its members, Travis O'Connell (aka Linear Man), went rogue and attempted to bring Booster Gold back to his own native time period in the 25th Century, but was stopped by Superman who inadvertently caused himself to be traveling out of control through the timestream. The rogue Linear Man then used his equipment to bring Superman to a point in the 30th Century where the timestream would be so unstable that he could send Superman back to his own time period, and promptly destroyed the moon in order to initiate the event, killing himself in the process.[1]

Liri Lee inducted Rip Hunter as one of the Linear Men.[2]

A Matthew Ryder from an alternate timeline ruled by the superpowered despot Monarch, who became the time-traveling Waverider[3], eventually joined the Linear Men in order to take the rogue Linear Man's place[4], and completed his training with them[5].


Equipment: Various time-monitoring devices
Transportation: Wrist-mounted time-traveling devices
Weapons: Rip Hunter had an energy beam generator mounted to his left eye socket.

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