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Papa Midnite is a powerful Jamaican voodoo priest operating out of Manhattan. He gained his power when he killed his sister, Cedella, and performed magic on her to condemn her to hell. There, he forced her to barter and sleep with demons, to steal secrets and power for him. With this power and connections, he set up a vast criminal magic empire in New York City.

After he sent his old foe John Constantine witchwalking to Hell (or rather, a corner of Hell that he "acquired"), Cedella broke free of her spells. She forced him to take his own life by jumping off the Empire State Building.[1] However, he survived, and went on to expand his empire even more.[2]


  • Immortality[3]
  • Voodoo: Papa Midnite possesses the ability to wield a vast array of mystical effects. His powers are rooted in the traditions of the Vodoun religion.


  • Business Management: Papa Midnite has a sharp business acumen and is a master at managing various criminal enterprises.


  • Cedella's Skull: Papa Midnite routinely uses his dead sister's skull as a focus for his occult rituals.


  • Ace of Winchesters: Midnite once possessed an occult relic known as the Ace of Winchesters. However, this was merely a collectors piece, and was not part of his mystic arsenal.


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