Linton Midnite, better known as Papa Midnite, is a Haitian voodoo magician and rival to John Constantine.

In addition to that, Midnite is also the owner of his own nightclub - Club Midnight - in New York City where he usually operates.

Despite having been enemies for years, Papa Midnite was forced to go to Constantine for help getting his night club back from the demon businessman Neron. Midnite kidnapped and allegedly poisoned Constantine's boyfriend at the time Oliver as leverage to get his help. However, when the two were trying to infiltrate the club, their disguises were found out by Neron himself, who banished the two magicians to Hell.[1]

While there, Constantine and Midnite were tortured for an extended period of time but managed to escape their captors with help from the demon Blythe. However, as they were creating a portal out, Papa Midnite made the mistake of telling Constantine he never poisoned Oliver in the first place and, in turn, was left behind in Hell by the pissed-off magician.[2]

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