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Quote1.png Because as my father always said, in his drunken stupor and smug arrogance--vincere aut mori. Conquer or die. Quote2.png
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Lionel Luthor was the father of Lex and Lena.

He was not respected by the town of Smallville, and took this out on his "bookworm" son. When Lex was in his final year of high school, Lionel was the victim of a series of unusual and near-fatal accidents, which resulted in his being saved by the mysterious "Super-Boy" that haunted the town in those days.

This came to a head when his underlying heart condition was activated by an allergic reaction to medication. Upon his death, Lex Luthor took the insurance money on his father's claim and absconded.

Blackest Night

Lionel returns as a Black Lantern as part of the swarm attacking Lex prior to his induction to the Orange Lantern Corps.[1]


Other Characteristics

  • Alcoholism: In the final years of his life, Luthor was an alcoholic.
  • Medication Allergy
  • Heart Condition: Lionel had a heart condition that, when compounded with his allergy to a certain medication, ultimately killed him.




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