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Lionel Luthor was the foster father of Clark Luthor.

Unlike his Earth-1 counterpart, the Lionel Luthor of Earth-2 managed to acquire Kal-El, after the Smallville meteor shower of 1989. Lionel named the boy "Clark Luthor" and raised him alongside his own children Tess and Lex Luthor. Lionel shaped Clark in his own image. However, in 2010, an unexpected event occurred. The Kal-El of Earth-1 ("Clark Kent") traded places with Clark Luthor. When Clark Kent fled back to his own reality, Lionel was able to follow him.[1]

By posing as his Earth-1 counterpart, Lionel managed to gain control over LuthorCorp. However, his daughter's counterpart, Tess Mercer, managed to expose him as a fraud and had him thrown out of the company.[2] Not long after, Lionel discovered that his son's counterpart, who was believed to have died, was still alive.[3]

Lex had rebuilt himself using parts from clones, but there was one piece missing: a heart. Lionel had Tess Mercer abducted, with the intent of using her heart. But Mercer managed to break free and shot Lionel. Having been fatally wounded, Lionel was approached by Darkseid. Lionel agreed to let Darkseid use his body as a vessel, in exchange for restoring Lex. Darkseid ripped Lionel's heart out, which was then used to complete the restored Lex Luthor. Lionel's remains were destroyed, during Darkseid's battle against Clark Kent.[3]



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