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Liri Lee is a member of the Linear Men.

The group researcher has been given many of the groups troubles and been forced to resolve them. Liri Lee and Matthew Ryder have had a romantic relationship that seems to be put on the sidelines due to the many missions they have to complete. In a possible future, Liri Lee could have become the Time Trapper. During the excursion through time in the search for the missing Bruce Wayne by various time travelers, Liri and her boyfriend are freed by the Time Stealer Black Beetle on the pretense of finding and resurrecting Waverider in the dystopia timeline, only discovering later that he only wanted the original Waveriders remains in order to have total control over time & space. To prevent him from becoming a quantum powered time menace, Liri took the power left behind in the fallen heroes quantum remains to be come the Linear Woman. As Rip Hunter and his associates made their way to their location, Liri transported herself and Matthew into the timestream.



  • Wristband that lets her travel through time and also have some level of control over time, even to transport objects through time.



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