Quote1 There's just...something about you. I don't know why, but----I feel safe around you. You make me feel safe. And no one's----no one's ever done that before. Quote2
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Lisa Lasalle is a model and the girlfriend of Clark Kent

Lisa met her new neighbor news reporter Clark Kent shortly after his debut as a writer of the Daily Planet, welcoming him to the building and inviting him on a date.

Some time after, Lisa seduced Clark into dining with her, but their dinner was short as something was breaking havoc in the city, forcing Clark to leave. After his fight against the Parasite, Clark went to Lisa for cover, passing out for three hours on her bed. When he finally recovered, a disappointed Lisa watched Clark leave in a hurry before they could spend time together.

As the Parasite threat was over, Lisa was being beat by an abusive man when Clark saved her. So she went to his apartment to explain everything to him and both decided to continue being friends. When fellow neighbor Eddie committed suicide, she told Clark that there are things that nobody can control, like other people.[1]

As days passed, Lisa would continue to visit Clark and the two started to grew fond of each other. One day Lisa got an audition to get the job of a model, a step closer to leave her old life behind. Having forgot her "lucky" earring on Clark's apartment, she begged Mr. Abrahm to let her into the apartment to look for it.

Once inside, she found her earring and, accidentally, Clark's Superman costume. Unsure of what to do, she was giving small hints to Clark about his secret identity when the latter heard a call for help, having to leave.

As Zod-El was clashing against Superman, Lisa could no longer watch and went straight to the battle area to try save Clark. As Zod was about to kill Superman, Lisa ran a heavy truck against Zod and knocked him out, wounding herself, but giving Clark time to escape.

After Zod's death, Lisa was hospitalized on the Metropolis Hospital when Clark visited her and thanked her for saving him, with Lisa admitting that she loves him.

Days later, Lisa accompanied Clark to visit his mother on Smallville and the two stayed for dinner. The next day the two were spending time together when Clark sensed an emergency, once again having to leave.[2]

  • Like many of the supporting characters in the Superman mythos, especially those who are his love interests, Lisa's name is an alliteration of the letter "L".
  • As of Superman: Earth One Vol 1 3, her two star tattoos are suddenly missing. If they were temporary tattoos or if she removed them as part of leaving her old life behind is currently unknown.
    • This may be simply because of the artist change between issue 2 and issue 3 of Superman: Earth One, and the new artist simply forgot to draw them.



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