Lisa Snart is very close with her criminal older brother, Leonard Snart. The two grew up with an abusive father and frequently found themselves looking out after each other as the only family members they could trust and eventually turned to a life of crime.[1]

Season 1

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Season 2

After the singularity event, Barry was approached by Lisa. She had concerns that Leonard had been kidnapped. However, they learned that he was secretly working with his father, Lewis Snart. As Cisco analyzed Lisa, he detected Thermites had been implanted into her neck. They realized it was a bomb and that any contact with air, or tampering, could potentially set it off. Barry theorised that Leonard was being forced to work with his father to save his sister's life.[1]

Barry approached Leonard as an undercover bomb technician to assist them in their next heist. At the same time, Cisco was on standby to pull the bomb if things went south. When Lewis turned and fired a gun at Barry, Barry pretended to be shot. He called into Cisco to remove the bomb from Lisa's neck as he cornered Lewis and Leonard as the Flash. When Cisco pulled the bomb from Lisa, Barry announced that Lisa was safe to Leonard. Leonard quickly turned and killed their father.[1]

Lisa took comfort in her brother acting to save her even though the Flash had placed him in Iron Heights. As she said her goodbyes, she kissed Cisco before taking off on her motorcycle.[1]



  • Gold Gun: A gun specifically made for her by Cisco, who designed it to compliment her "beautiful and deadly" nature. It encases its target in gold.



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