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Lisa Snart is the sister of Captain Cold and a villain herself: the Golden Glider.

Lisa Snart was frequently viewed as the tag-a-long sister of Leonard Snart (a.k.a. Captain Cold) and Sam Scudder's (a.k.a. the Mirror Master) girlfriend in the early days of the Rogues. When the Rogues decided they had had enough of being technologically reliant on their devices, the Rogues worked with Dr. Darwin Elias to rewrite their weapons' powers into their own DNA. However, during the experiment Lisa Snart was caught in the explosion that gave everyone their powers.[1]

Lisa Snart's physical body was dying from a brain tumor, as the medical facility was unable to operate on her due to a city-wide blackout.[2] She survived after power was restored and the tumor was removed, but she expressed shame over her brother's actions.[3]

Later, Lisa appeared in astral form in Guatemala going by the name of "the Glider". She recruited the Weather Wizard as she had began creating her version of the Rogues.[4] She later recruited Heat Wave, Turbine, the Trickster and the Mirror Master to join her faction to exact revenge on the Flash.[5]

She appeared during a presentation of Dr. Elias and implanted a metal shard near his heart from the explosion that maimed her and gave the Rogues their powers. She attempted to steal his monorail and destroy his research and reputation. The arrival of the Pied Piper and Captain Cold added complications to her plan.[1] Additionally, the sudden arrival of Gorilla Grodd and his troops cause Lisa to relinquish control of the Rogues back to Cold to defeat them.[6]

Later, Lisa and Sam spent the evening discussing wanting to touch each other once again as the rest of the Rogues celebrated. Later they devised a plan to free Sam from the Mirror World. As Lisa attempted to pull Sam from the Mirror World using her astral form, something went wrong and Lisa suffered heart palpitations. She lost control of her astral form, but successfully freed Sam from the Mirror World. Her brother lamented the decision, as her body remained in a hospital with her astral form unable to return to it.[7]

During the Forever Evil reign of the Crime Syndicate, the Rogues were tasked with destroying Central City, including Lisa's hospital. Captain Cold refused, and the Rogues rebelled against the Syndicate. During the battle, Cold's powers were stolen and Sam's control of mirrors became erratic, causing the Rogues to become separated from Cold and Lisa. The Syndicate put a bounty out for the Rogues, who were trying to make their way back to Lisa, but the Royal Flush Gang captured her. While Sam was contemplating his ability to lead the Rogues, he reminisced about when he and Lisa had applied for a marriage license. As the Rogues fought the Syndicate and their goons, the Pied Piper joined them. His music awoke Lisa's astral form, allowing the Glider to return and come up with a plan to defeat the Syndicate in Central City. With the Glider's return, Sam regained control over his abilities. He created a giant mirror, and the Weather Wizard blew the villains into it. The Glider shifted her allies into the astral plane to prevent them from being pushed into the mirror, then the Trickster shattered the mirror.

After the Flash was deemed a menace, the Rogues were hired to apprehend him. The Trickster, however, betrayed the Rogues to the Riddler, who wanted to defeat the Flash and rule Central City. The Riddler weaponized the Trickster's hand to take out the Glider by dispersing her astral form. The Flash reconfigured the hand in order to restore the Glider's astral form, but ended up not only restoring Lisa's astral abilities, but also waking her from the coma. The Rogues, reunited, then saved Heat Wave and helped the Flash defeat the Riddler.[8]



  • Dancing: Before her brother dragged her into a life of crime, Lisa was a superb ice skater. Her instructor stated that as soon as she saw Lisa skate for the first time, she knew the girl would one day go to the Olympics. Before gaining her powers, Lisa used ice skates in battle as the Golden Glider.[12]
  • Pedagogy[13]
  • Leadership[14]


  • Power Instability: Lisa needs to be in constant contact with her ribbons; without them, her astral form would leave her body.[11]



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