Lisa Sutton was a young girl who lived in Fawcett City, California.

Shortly after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Lisa met a young boy named Billy Batson. Up until recently, Billy was also the adult super-hero known as Captain Marvel, but due to the machinations of the New God known as Darkseid, Billy believed that he had inadvertently murdered a villain known as the Macro-Man. As such, Billy vowed to never become Captain Marvel ever again. Billy never confided this dark secret to Lisa, but the intelligent youth recognized how much pain Billy was in and invited him to her home for dinner.

After dinner, the Sutton family began watching a WHIZ-TV news broadcast featuring the consumer advocate, G. Gordon Godfrey. Unbeknownst to the people of Earth, Godfrey was actually Glorious Godfrey – a disciple of Darkseid. Godfrey had used his mental persuasion powers to turn the populace of Earth against its heroes. Lisa's father emphatically agreed with Godfrey's philosophy, and discouraged her from developing any interest in such "legends". He even went so far as to throw her toy Superman action figure into the fireplace. Greatly depressed by the spectacle, Lisa and Billy ran out of the house.

Lisa noticed a nearby throng of people forming a lynch mob and burning effigies of various super-heroes. She towards them in the hopes of convincing them that the world needed heroes, but stopped short when a piece of debris fell down upon her, striking her in the head. When Billy witnessed his friend come to harm, he decided that it was wrong of him to quit being Captain Marvel. Speaking the magic word, "Shazam", Billy once again resumed his role as a legendary champion of justice.

A few days later, Lisa's father became one of G. Gordon Godfrey's loyal followers and brought his family to one of Godfrey's protest speeches on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Robin discovered that children were immune to Godfrey's mental influence. He gathered together a small crowd of children, including Lisa, and marched on Washington. The children begged their parents to see reason and open their eyes to the fact that the world needs its true heroes – not opportunists like Godfrey. Lisa approached Godfrey directly in an effort to make an appeal to his compassion, but Godfrey responded by backhanding her across the face. Through no fault of her own, Lisa Sutton actually accomplished her goal. When the surrounding adults witnessed Godfrey strike down a child, they came to their senses and overcame the effects of Godfrey's mind-control. Before long, the super-heroes of Earth succeeded in exposing Godfrey's true nature to the masses and ultimately defeated him. Lisa and her family returned home to Fawcett City.



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