The Rising Sun Archer was a Japanese masked assassin in the World War II era.

One of his descendants, a young woman named Lisa Yurigama, decided in more recent years to become his successor. She became a incredibly skilled bow(wo)man, and a highly skilled assassin, hand-to-hand combatant, and finally acrobat.

Recently, the Penguin put an open contract on the head of Robin (Tim Drake) in Blüdhaven, gaining the attention of the Rising Sun Archer.It also drew the attention of military intelligence, however, and a US Army Special Forces team, using Robin as bait without his knowledge, starting taking down his would-be murderers one by one.

The Rising Sun Archer, a consummate professional, escaped their vigilance long enough to mount a vicious attempt on Robin's life, starting with three arrows straight into Robin's chest.The young vigilante only survived the onslaught through body armor, and found it very hard to outmaneuver the archer.She underestimated his resilience to pain, however, and he exploited it by fooling her with a simple decoy in darkness - she thought he had been bleeding too heavily to mount such resistance. She left/escaped the fight (leaving him with an arrow stuck through his left forearm).

After the fight, Robin headed towards her apartment (he placed a tracer on her during the fight). However, the US Army team had taken her out while she was sleeping and left her bound and gagged as a "gift" to Robin. Robin took her to his Nest for interrogation, gaining info that the one who place the price on his head was Penguin. Robin let the Archer go. But, not without telling her that if she came back to his city, he'd frame her for something bad enough that she be the one hunted by the underworld. It is most likely that she returned to Japan.



Bow and arrows

  • The Rising Sun Archer speaks in precise, professional, and of course merciless sentences.



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