Liseth Vok was a member of the Red Tide, a group of hyper-nationalist Ungarans who despised the universalist system imparted by Abin Sur

Liseth Vok is the adopted daughter of Regent Athene Vok of Ungara, who rescued her from the ocean after a battle. She was the apple of her mother's eye and transformed the regent into a kinder and more empathetic person. Liseth also became popular among her subjects as an advocate of peace and singer, and supported the Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz during their rescue of the Molites from their collapsing world. However, Liseth was corrupted by the teachings of Kesh Cur, leader of the Red Tide, and secretly joined him on his ethnic cleansing campaign to wipe out the Molites displaced to Ungara. After confessing all of this to Simon Baz, she joined her mother and the two green lanterns on a mission to defeat Kesh Cur, during which she murdered her manipulator in anger, declaring that he had not gone far enough in his quest for ethnic purity on Ungara, and then used his machine (The Surge Engine) to fuse her DNA with multiple other races, transforming herself into an all-powerful chimera.[1]

As a chimera, Liseth became at more arrogant an unstable, flying over Tokoo and declaring her xenophobic motives, befire slaughtering Molites using blasts of fire created from her hands. She was fought off by the Lanterns, as well as her own mother. In the end, Simon Baz defeated Liseth by pulling the Green Light out of her body, stripping her of her powers and crippling her so intensely as to shorten her lifespan dramatically and force her to spend the rest of her life in hospital, where Athene sat beside her.[2]

As the Chimera was removed from her biology, Liseth reverted to a crippled version of her original form, and her personality reverted back to being kind-hearted.[3]





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