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Liu was an old enemy - and flame - of Dick Grayson.

Liu was the lover and lieutenant of criminal "Metal Eddie" Hwang. Eddie was a power junkie, seeking to gain metahuman power. His operation had two sides: on the surface, he was a martial arts teacher and spiritual guide who took in addicts and lost souls. Underneath, he ran the 21 Tigers, masked enforcers he trained himself. He acquired the formula H.I.V.E. used on Ravager, but as it was still unstable, he only used it on his Tigers.[1] At his dojo, he started his recruits with the simple narrative of haves versus have-nots, and sent them on simple tasks of vandalism. This slowly escalated so they became desensitized to the gravity of their crimes against against large corporations.[2] His gang was conditioned to be completely loyal to him, to the point they could endure interrogation and torture.[3]

When Dick Grayson left Wayne Manor shortly before his 17th birthday, he was introduced to Eddie for sleeping arrangements.[4] Eddie and Liu immediately saw this big score: through Dick, they could get to Wayne Enterprises. Dick played along to smoke them out, but Liu made sure to distract him by sleeping with him. Eddie then convinced him to join his 21 Tigers. Dick realized how they both tried to groom him, feigned injury and escaped. He returned to Batman and they arrested the gang as they tried to break into Wayne Enterprises.[2]

Liu served five years. Eddie was released as well, and the two set up their old operation again, claiming they had gone legit.[4] They targeted Dick again, and Liu worked all her tricks on him. He tried his best to resist and played along. Dick also discovered the both of them were targeted by a new Vigilante.[4] Vigilante kidnapped Grayson for his involvement and learned everything. They decided to work together.[2]

Eddie's plan was still focused on the H.I.V.E. formula, and he needed to perfect it.[1] They used Dick's genetic material to gain access to a Wayne Medical facility.[5] Vigilante and Nightwing intervened. During the fight, Vigilante realized Nightwing was still distracted by Liu so he stabbed her. He was right; he rushed her into a cab to take her to a hospital, allowing Eddie to get away with genetic material. He promised to come back for her and did, having his Tigers abduct her from the hospital.[1]

Nightwing didn't investigate them any further, but Vigilante did. Months later, he found both Eddie and Liu murdered by a rival gang, staged to look like a lover's quarrel.[6]

  • Dick lost his virginity to Liu, and throughout the 321 Days storyline, it's implied Liu's manipulation is the root of his commitment issues with women, most prominently Barbara and Starfire.
  • Marv Wolfman's run on Nightwing (Volume 2) ended for the crossover The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul, cutting the story of 321 Days short by two issues and ending it rather abruptly and with no resolution.