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"Avatar Rising": On the moon, the JLA experience seismic activity.

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Living Assault Weapons #1 is an issue of the series Living Assault Weapons (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1999.

Synopsis for "Avatar Rising"

On the moon, the JLA experience seismic activity.

The Justice League of America disappear. Tornadoes and lightning plague fifteen countries around the world. Captain Atom fights a villain called Avatar. Avatar sends Captain Atom away and the takes a boy away with him.

Sarge Steel meets with President Bill Clinton who directs him to hook up with the Peacemaker Project to take on the world's current troubles.

The Question (Vic Sage) breaks into Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)'s mansion. The Question and Blue Beetle begin working together to find more information about The Avatar. As Sarge Steel arrives at the Peacemaker Project he sees they are under attack by the Avatar's creatures. After the battle, Sarge Steel is debriefed.

In the Himalayan mountains, Judomaster (Hadley Jagger) leaves an ashram to aid the world's current troubles.

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