Quote1 I'm just a desperate cop that got backed into too tight a corner. Quote2
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Liza Warner was a police officer originally chosen by Detective Lance to join his anti-vigilante task force. Liza, however, believed Star City was beyond saving and went rogue along with five other members of the task force. They killed gang members and stole their drug supplies, selling it to other criminals for large sums of cash, hoping to flee the city with financial security for their families. They caught the attention of Team Arrow and Captain Lance, with the other members suggesting to kill Lance. Liza, however, would not kill cops. Instead, she used Lance to gain access to a huge SCPD drug disposal facility, but before they could get away, Liza and her team were ambushed by Team Arrow. Liza held a knife to the Green Arrow's spinal cord, but she was swayed to stop her mission by Captain Lance, believing her to still be a good cop at heart.[1]




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