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Quote1 All right now. Lexes encrypts, Oracle Ridealong subroutines-- Where did little Mary go after the big bad explosion? Heh. Everywhere! Quote2
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Lloyd (also known by 27B12) used to be one of Harleen Quinzel's patients during the time she worked for Lex Luthor at "the Garden" on the development and calibration of the "Ridealongs".

One day, during his 8th examination, Lloyd tells Harleen a joke: his sister had died the prior night and her last words were that she loved him, however he deemed that impossible because, he says, Lex Luthor is the one that loves him. The "joke" consists in Lloyd not being able to grasp his sister's feelings, because it would be unthinkable to believe any other love would ever matter in front of Lex's, his God. Upon hearing this confession, obviously realizing the effect the "Ridealongs" had on people, Harleen reaches the conclusion the implants are nothing but harmful; she releases Lloyd and the rest of the patients and scrambles the Ridealongs, in the process compromising her and Lloyd's own sanity permanently.

Being instructed by Harleen (now Harley), Lloyd feels liberated from his mental constraints and follows Harley to the Freescape, joining the Gotham City Garage gang and becoming her second-in-command. He also ends up developing feelings for her and adopts the alias "Jøker", soon changed to "Joker" out of Harley's inability of pronouncing Ø.


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